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I was well taken care of.

"From the time I I walked through the doors, I was well taken care of. My eye doctor was very personable and patient with me as we went through the testing, sometimes it’s hard to tell which chart is more clear than the other and I only received positivity from my eye doctor. I needed to pick out some frames (my first time at this) and the staff was super helpful in helping choose the perfect ones! I also purchased sun glasses and received great advice there as well. I worked with Amanda in this area and she was amazing and also patient in this process! Such a great experience despite having the news that my eyes need help! Anyways, after I left and went home, I started to review the pics that I had taken with the picked out frames...I was having regrets! I called them and went in the next morning where I was treated with the same level of respect as the day before, as I was worried that I had wasted their time and felt bad to put them thorough this again. It was a cheerful experience once again, and I would recommend this clinic any day of the week! I am actually looking forward to getting my new glasses!"

- Anonymous - Survey - September, 2018