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Why you should have more than one pair of Glasses

Prescription glasses can be expensive, so it’s understandable why many people don’t want to purchase multiples. However, there are many benefits to having more than one pair!

UV Protection
Not only do sunglasses make it more comfortable to see on sunny days, but they help block UV from reaching your eyes and the delicate skin around them, to protect and preserve your eye health.

A Backup Pair    
If you own more than one pair of glasses, damaging or losing a pair won’t leave you struggling to see until you can visit your Optometrist. When you need a new prescription check into updating just the lenses in your old pair, for back up, and save the cost of a second pair of frames.

Task Specific Glasses
Progressive lenses are the most versatile option with zones for distance, intermediate, and near. In addition to this main pair of glasses, avid readers will benefit from Single Vision reading glasses to get a full field of view through the lens (especially when reading in bed!). Office lenses are designed to optimize zones for computer and near, which reduces neck and back strain and allows for more comfortable viewing of the screen. These lenses also work well for musicians reading sheet music and seeing their instrument. DriveSafe lenses are designed for driving by optimizing peripheral vision and providing antiglare technology specifically to help with headlights at night. Prescription safety glasses are also great for protecting your eyes when doing yard work or handling chemicals. Prescription sport specific lenses are also available; for kids these can double as their back-up pair, as well as prescription swim goggles and ski goggles.

Make a Statement
You change your purse or watch, so why not switch up your eye wear? Purchase a neutral colour for every day, and then a fancier pair for special occasions. Maybe your everyday pair will be statement glasses, and a more serious pair for your work.

Talk to your Optometrist or Optician about your needs and they can help you navigate ALL the possibilities, keeping in mind your lifestyle, age, and visual demands.

Lori Strom, Optometric Assistant, CCOA