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How to Clean Your Glasses

Cleaning your glasses may seem like a straightforward task, but improper cleaning techniques can cause damage to your lenses. We will review the best ways to clean and maintain your glasses.

An easy step-by-step guide to clean your glasses:

  1. Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water.
  2. Rinse your lenses under cool or lukewarm water – this will help remove larger debris. Be sure not to use hot water as it can damage your lenses!
  3. Apply a small drop of dishwashing soap (without lotion) to each lens and rub the lenses and entire frame with gentle pressure.
  4. Rinse the lenses under cool or lukewarm water, then dry gently with a lint-free towel.
  5. If you still notice any streaks or smudges, you can polish your lenses with a microfiber cloth.

Just to remove small smudges or streaks, you can also use:

  • Moist wipes made for lens cleaning
  • A microfiber cloth
  • Lens cleaning solution with a lint-free cloth
  • Peeps lens cleaners

Anti-reflective coatings: These coatings offer the clearest optics and reduction in glare, but you may find that your lenses need to be cleaned more often as smudges and fingerprints are more readily seen with these coatings. Properly cleaning your lenses will help optimize the benefits of these coatings.

What should you not use to clean your glasses?The coatings on glasses lenses can be damaged by heat and chemicals, so avoid:

  • Hot water – using heat on your lenses can damage the coatings
  • Glass or surface cleaner (eg Windex) – these can damage your lens coatings
  • Paper products (eg tissue, paper towel, toilet paper, etc) – these can create scratches on your lens
  • Your shirt or other clothing – these may contain abrasive fibres that can scratch your lenses

It’s recommended that you clean your glasses thoroughly once a day, or as needed throughout the day. Your frames may need regular maintenance as well – you can bring them to your optician to have screws tightened and adjustments made. Do not use super glue to repair your glasses, as this can damage both the frame and lenses!

And if you find your new face mask is fogging up your glasses, start by checking the fit of your mask. A properly-fitted mask, especially around the nose, will help prevent fogging. There are also several anti-fog products you can use, such as FogBlocker and ZEISS AntiFOG, available at your optometry clinic.

Lauren York, Dispensing Optician