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Contact Lenses

Contact lenses aren’t that scary, we promise! Here is a break down to ease your mind on common questions revolved around our processes with contacts.


At Armstrong Optometry we are always staying up-to-date with new technologies and materials for contacts. If you have tried using them before, we encourage you to try again as they have come a long way in comfort, design, and the ability to accommodate high prescriptions. Contacts also come in multifocal and toric (for those with astigmatism). Lenses are designed for digital device use for the office or phones, and many come in dailies for part-time wear. Daily contacts are very convenient as you do not need to clean them, there is no hassle with solutions or cases and you throw them out at the end of the day!


The benefits of contacts:

-   Great for active people or events

-   Clearer vision as contact lenses have a wider field of view, they won’t change in the fog or rain and there aren’t any reflections.

-   They can change/enhance your eye colour

-   Extra UV protection

-   Ability to wear any non-prescription eyewear (such as sunglasses)

-   Awesome for kids who are tough on their glasses.


The process to wearing contacts for a first timer would be an hour long appointment with our Contact Lens Professional, Amanda. At the appointment she goes over care of the lenses, teaches you how to put them in and take them out without pressure, narrows down which contacts will work best for your lifestyle and contact wear, and sends you home with trial contact lenses. At the end of your appointment you will wear your contacts out of the clinic to help adjust to them. After two weeks of trying and wearing them, you then come back for a progress check with Amanda to ensure the lenses are fitting well on your eyes and that they feel comfortable. If not, we try as many times as we have to until we get it right!

For people who have unsuccessfully tried contacts before, your appointment is a half hour. Amanda will give you a consult and troubleshoot why they didn’t work for you, and re-fit you into new technology lenses. If you’re comfortable with putting contacts in, then that is awesome! If not, Amanda can give you a refresher lesson. Once you’ve worn your new lenses for two weeks, you come back for a quick progress check to ensure the lenses are fitting well on your eyes.


We know contact lenses can seem daunting, however we take our time and ensure you are completely comfortable with them.